Monday, September 28, 2015

Just pick a time

confessions of a squash court manager
episode 20
Just pick a time

This happens to the squash godfather quite often and it really pisses me off.
Yesterday I got a phone call from some bozo wanting to book a court at the Corleone Squash Center.

"Good morning, Corleone Squash Center, squash godfather speaking, how may I help you?" I said, trying my best to sound enthusiastic on a Monday morning..
"Yeah g'day mate, I am looking to book a court today, what times do you have available?" the bozo asked.
"What time are you looking for?" I asked, thinking to myself, oh no not one of these fuck wits again.
"What times do you have available?" Bozo asked again.
Trying to remain calm I replied, "look, its much simpler if you tell me what time you want to play and I will see if there are any spots free at that time." ...pretty fucking simple!!
"We're not sure what time we want to play, just give us some options."  

Holy shit, how hard is it to pick a time, does he think I'm a fucking mind reader.
"Well its pretty quiet most of the day until 4," I said.
"Nah that's too early, I was thinking later."
That's it, he had worn me down. I had been to nice for too long. "Look mate you're sapping my strength, either give me an exact time or I'm hanging up."
"Well I'm not sure...."   
Clang, I hung up the phone. Lifes to bloody short.

Another satisfied customer
good squashing
squash godfather