Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No one told me!

Confessions of a squash court manager
episode 26
No one told me !

Oh fuck, I thought to myself, when I looked out into the carpark of the Corleone Squash Centre and saw who was headed my way. This guy has been an arsehole every time he's entered my squash centre, and I wasn't expecting anything different from him today.
Once an arsehole always an arsehole; Squashgodfathers creedo!
"I want a court for an hour," he says, no hows your life?, kiss my arse or anything, just give me a court..........
Yes he's still an areshole!
"No problem, twenty five dollars and she's all yours," I answered, trying to stay calm.
"No,no, no, I'm a member, so it's cheaper!" He said, this time yelling.
"You were a member but that expired 6 months ago, so today it's twenty five dollars." I said.
"No one told me it was only for 12 months, I thought it was a life membership." He spat.

This guys is one of those very rare creatures who really is as dumb as he looks.

"Your fucking joking, surely?" I said, hoping to see a sign of laughter in his eyes, there wasn't.
"Life membership for a hundred and fifty bucks, give me a break." I was trying not to laugh in his face as that would really piss him off.
'I'm not paying full price, I should have been told that it wasn't a life membership."

"Like it or lump it mate, those light ain't going on till you give me get twenty five dollars, and if you keep pissing me off they wont be going on at all."
"I will pay when I finish," he said heading off around to the courts.
"No way, no how. Money NOW or fuck off." He turns around and throws his credit card at me.
Kerching, another twenty five bucks into my rocket.

Another happy customer
Good squashing
Squash godfather